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Annual Ranking of the Best Places to Live in Mo . . .

Posted by Norman Polsky on January 12, 2014 in No Category
 Movoto Real Estate is out with its annual ranking of the best places to live in Missouri.   Topping that list of 137 Show-Me-State cities with a population above 5,000 is Glendale. "Ninety-eight percent of Glendale's' residents have at least a high school' diploma, and its unemployment rate is a mere 2.2 percent," reads Movoto's description of Missouri's top city.   "Crime in the city is low, with 12, total crimes for every one thousand residents annually. Glendale ranked second for ... read more
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Common Questions from Home Buyers and How I Answer Them I find that today’s home buyers are more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies. Being organized, informed, and confident are going to make buying your next property an exciting and rewarding process. I find that today’s home buyer is more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies that have put the majority of information online. In fact, many of my clients are sendi... read more
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Apparently Coldwell Banker Premier Group is the Place To Be . . .

You can hit the Jack Pot . . . With Our Company
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 15, 2014 in No Category

Congratulations to Jen Elam who is the 3rd agent with our company to recently win the  lottery. Jen who is with our South County office  won $3.8 million in this weeks drawing.

Previous winners out of our South County office are Kim Delapp and Jamie Aldridge

They are not only great agents  . . .  they know their numbers.

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Appraisals vs CMA's

Posted by Norman Polsky on November 06, 2016 in No Category
What is The Difference Between a CMA and an Appraisal?Establishing a home’s market sales price is equally important to buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate professionals.  To help transactions proceed quickly and efficiently, sales professionals and appraisers both utilize information from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a professional member-based cooperative that contains a wealth of information including active listings, homes that have recently sold, tax roll data, historical... read more
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Ask Norm

What do You Think About Buying Investment Property?
Posted by Norman Polsky on September 26, 2012 in No Category
This question comes to us from  Jack . . . Norm  . . .  Is this a good time to buy investment properties?   It's hard not to hear the rumblings. Experts and talking heads repeatedly say real estate can be a lucrative investment, especially for home buyers who buy at the right price and secure affordable financing. However, for someone who has never done it before, real estate investment can be a tricky topic. offers a few tips for homeowners who think they are ready to become a ... read more
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