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A Complete Glossary Of Home Selling Terms

. . . . Sometimes Agents Seem to Be Talking a Foreign Language . . . Maybe This Will Help
Posted by Norman Polsky on June 07, 2018 in No Category
A Complete Glossary of Home Selling Terms To help prepare you for the home selling process, we’ve created a complete glossary of real estate terms. What’s the CMA of your home and does the buyer have a plan for paying the closing costs? Does that sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo? If it does, then it’s time that you get up to date on the latest real estate lingo. When selling a home, it’s impossible to avoid real estate terminology. Everyone uses it from your real estate agent to your bank loa... read more
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In This Great Real Estate Market Some Homes are not Selling . . . . . .

There could be many reasons . . . . let me share a few of them with you
Posted by Norman Polsky on March 25, 2018 in No Category
Some  Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling  When you first put your house on the market, you might be hopeful for a quick sale—especially if you've put a lot of money into improving the house over the years and if the neighborhood is one that has historically attracted a lot of buyers. While you shouldn't panic if the house doesn't sell the moment you list it, you should begin to worry if the months start flying by without any real offers. If this is the case, here are 11 reasons why your... read more
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Four Things You Should NOT do When Placing Your Home for Sale . . . . .

Agents always tell you what to do but they rarely tell you what you should avoid
Posted by Norman Polsky on March 18, 2018 in No Category
Her are a few key issues when you decide to put your home up for sale: Some Sellers over Improve their home:As you ready your home for sale, you may realize you will get a great return on your investment if you make a couple of changes. Updating the appliances or replacing that cracked cabinet in the bathroom are all great ideas. However, it's important not to over-improve, or make improvements that are hyper-specific to your tastes. For example, not everyone wants a pimped out finished basement equipped with a wet... read more
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Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal for Potential Buyers

Posted by Kailey Hagar on March 15, 2018 in No Category
Want to capture potential buyer’s interest before they step through the door? Here are seven simple ways to add curb appeal to your home.   A home can be modern and cozy inside, but without curb appeal, potential buyers will lose interest before they step inside. An attractive, well-kept lawn is one of the first things people will notice. The good news is that upgrading an existing lawn doesn’t have to take months, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here are a few simple upgrades to... read more
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Effective Improvements for a Faster Sale You have decided to sell your home, and you are eager to sell it ASAP! Here are the ways to efficiently and effectively improve your home for a speedy sale. You have decided to sell your home, and you are eager to sell it ASAP! You need to move or want those proceeds immediately, but how? Let’s go through the best ways to efficiently and effectively improve your home for a speedy sale. ----First, curbside appeal. This is the first thing every potential buyer sees so ma... read more
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