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University City Home Prices Over the last 12 Months

Posted: May 22, 2013 by Norman Polsky

Home prices through out the area are changing month by month in the St Louis area . . .

by clicking on following link you will be able to see what home prices are doing not only in University City but in every community in  St Louis City and County . . .

http://www.coldwellbankerpremier.com/default.cfm/page/marketanalysis/referer/Home Page Market Analysis.htm

Most real estate agents can provide you with a more specific analysis of  what your home could be worth.

Make sure they provide you with detailed information with not only about the sold properties but those that failed to sell and those currently on the market in order to give you an indication of what your home could sell for.

Tip: The agent does not determine the value of your home . . . just like the stock market  . . .  the Market determines  the value . . .

The market is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay. You should not select agent based on the price they give you but by their skill in marketing your home and their ability to negotiate in your behalf.

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