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St. Louis Jam-Packed with Ideal Neighborhoods

As Reported by St. Louis Post Dispatch
Posted: July 15, 2013 by Michele Carley

 Thinking about laying down roots? Any city is bound to have a few desirable nooks and crannies, but according to these real estate professionals, St. Louis is jam-packed with ideal neighborhoods. Before you buy, see which areas these agents prefer and why.

Mary Beth Benes, Coldwel Banker Gundaker

When you’re in Town & Country, you feel like people are always walking around. In the last year, they’ve installed these wonderful sidewalks where you can literally get from one side of Town & Country to the other while being safe. It’s close to parks, and the schools are nice. There has been a lot of activity in Town & Country, especially in the last year. Even when the market was a little bit slower, Town & Country stayed strong.

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