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In the St Louis Area - Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Solar Panels

Posted: December 07, 2016 by Norman Polsky

With the news that solar shingles and solar panels are becoming more accepted in the area - Does your insurance cover these items.

Before making such an investment you need to know. Anyone financing a home purchase knows that the bank wants to see adequate insurance on its collateral. Of course, what is sufficient for a lender may not be sufficient for the owner. Myriad homeowners policies contain a sea of coverage and exemptions which are sometimes difficult for policyholders to comprehend. If an improvement is made to the structure or a major fixture is installed, there may be some question as to whether the standard hazard policy will apply to damage in those areas. Owners should take caution and not assume that their current policies are satisfactory.

Those with solar panels, however, can take some comfort in the knowledge that many programs include these energy-saving devices.

Please speak with your insurance agent to see if what your policy includes.

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